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"My photographs were perfect:)"
by Stephanie on 1/19/2015
by Tyler on 1/14/2015
"Product I ordered was amazing. I couldn't believe how great it came out. 10/10! Thanks! Will order again soon!"
by jon on 1/12/2015
"First Time ever having my work printed. The prints were far better than expected. Customer service is outstanding. Very much looking forward to my next print"
by jason on 12/22/2014
"quality is really great. I do quinceneras and weddings, the results are awesome "
by JOSE on 12/17/2014
"fantastic print quality, the fuji flex provided the picture with great depth and an awesome gloss! "
by Jordan on 12/1/2014
by Natalie on 12/1/2014
"Awesome print, can't wait to order again!"
by greg on 11/28/2014
by Greg on 11/6/2014
"Quality is great, Turn around time is fast, customer service is great. However, the hanging mount on the acrylic mounted prints leaves something to be desired. Something other than pressed wood would be nice. "
by michael on 10/18/2014
"I love the plexi/acrylic glass mounting option combined with the Fuji crystal paper! The prints are museum quality. "
by Marisa on 10/18/2014
"Beautiful work, so pleased, great customer service!"
by Lynne on 10/6/2014
"I love the service, they do a great job. I wish turnaround time a little faster but otherwise great and the people are so nice. Sonia"
by sonia on 10/5/2014
"Was everything I was expecting and then some! Thanks you guys/girls!"
by Jose on 9/19/2014
"Recently started using Artisan to get the acrylic mounted look... All i can say is that after my first two orders is that i am totally happy... Happy enough to order three more!! Final product is awesome and customer support is first class..they treat you like they know you. Stan New York, NY"
by Stanley on 9/18/2014
"Absolutely perfect print with flawless reproduction of my exact image."
by Steven on 9/12/2014
"I'm an independent artist and I've used ArtisanHD's products and absolutely love them. My clients love them and it surely keeps me coming back."
by Lisanny on 9/5/2014
"This was my first acrylic print and it turned out awesome. I am hooked now."
by Bryan on 9/3/2014
"The shipping seems to be overpriced, but the quality of the work is excellent. I would order more often, but at $50 for a 20x30 plexiglass print it certainly prevents me from ordering more often."
by Steve on 8/20/2014
"I have made one purchase and about to make a second. To get to the point my colors on my three acrylics were off a bit-probably to be expected. I do all of my own printing so I am used to a closer match. Also upon delivery one of the acrylics was a bit warped. It was as though it might have stemmed from how it was packaged with the larger acrylics. In the end if my colors were closer and there acrylics are not bent or warped I would be 100% happy. Thank You."
by Kelly on 8/10/2014
"I have become a repeat customer"
by lester on 8/6/2014
"The quality of my photos is brought to another level with the direct-to-plex option. The museum mounts are an absolute must. I was able to put my show up in hours instead of days. I can't say enough for what Artisan has done to bring the impact and professionalism I've always wanted to my work. People are always requesting referrals when they see how my work has been printed and mounted. Artisan customer service is of the highest caliber. The turnaround time is stellar, I've ordered last minute and still always had time to meet my deadline. "
by Adam on 8/5/2014
"The turnaround time was good, although I felt the shipping charges were a little high. I was very impressed with the care that was taken in the packaging and the shipping was only 2 days, which was great. I was very happy with the finished product and have had many people comment on the quality of the color and print. "
by Scott on 8/5/2014
"I've printed with a number of different sites and the quality of ArtisanHD is unmatched. The museum mount is fantastic and adds such a professional look to the images. When it comes to printing on Plexi/Acrylic there is no better place."
by Charles on 7/13/2014
"i love Artisan HD prints mounted behind plexi, and prints on metal. I was even happy to wait patiently when they had a technical problem, resulting in delays. "
by Ghila on 7/6/2014
"Excellent quality on entire orders as always. Customer Service is very professional and knowledgable as is willing to offer better alternative printing solutions. Good communication on progress of order and turnaround time is typically earlier, but never later than originally promised. Highly Rate. "
by Mitchell on 6/14/2014
"Fujiflex media is a must! Extremely pleased with the quality and production of my print!"
by andrew on 6/3/2014
by Kenneth on 6/2/2014
by HILL on 5/28/2014
"Excellent service and products with a wide range of media available. And... always helpful and willing to go the extra effort if you have a special needs on an order!"
by Thomas on 5/21/2014
"Images and quality were better than I expected and will certainly order again."
by Sean on 5/18/2014
by Vicky on 5/11/2014
"I've ordered numerous times and will continue to come back! Excellent service, excellent turn around time and great customer service!"
by Barbara on 5/11/2014
"Mike and his team are fantastic. They did a great job helping me prepare my images for print and the final product was perfect. Completely satisfied!"
by David on 5/8/2014
"My order was quickly confirmed. I was notified when the photos were sent. I was please with the whole process."
by Larry on 4/27/2014
"Every shipment has been well packaged and arrived in perfect shape. The Quality of the work has been without flaw. On one single print there was a problem but it was quickly sorted out and the new print arrived at my doorstep in short order. I will happily continue to purchase my prints from Artisan."
by Skip on 4/26/2014
"Quality is unmatched! Placed another order today."
by Zak on 4/26/2014
"I was really pleased with the gorgeous color! One of my pictures looks almost 3D!"
by Kimberly on 4/25/2014
by Clifford on 4/25/2014
"Good as it gets, perfect quality, fast and friendly and helpful customer service."
by Dwight on 4/25/2014
"The quality for the product was what stop the people who was walking by the display."
by rick on 4/25/2014
"Our experience with Artisan Colour has been nothing short of fantastic. They took the time to listen to our questions and concerns, and offered helpful suggestions as well. The final product turned out exactly the way we wanted and the quality exceeded our expectations. Shipping was prompt and very carefully packed. All in all, Artisan Colour will definitely be our go-to place for future projects. Inguna Trepsa lead designer at AM Design, NYC"
by Inguna on 4/25/2014
"Flawless..... I achieved the Peter Lik type look from my last order and the metal prints are beautiful..... ready to order my 1.5m cinematic crop landscape.... it should be epic. www.Ferdara.com"
by Ferdara on 4/25/2014
"Amazing! We were looking for a unique product and the Artisan product was perfect. I could not be more pleased with the customer support I received when I had a question and the quick production turnaround. We are planning our next project with Artisan!"
by Julie on 4/25/2014
"Excellent overall experience. Great customer service and quality of product. Only drawback was cost for shipping."
by richard on 4/25/2014
by Jennifer on 4/18/2014
"The quality on the Custom Cloud Link was perfect. The customer service was excellent and the staff worked closely with me all the way."
by Dwight on 4/15/2014
by andrew on 4/9/2014
"I did a test print of small areas of 3 images in order to see what they would look like on metallic photographic paper. I loved it. I also did a couple of prints directly to plexi. Did not come out as expected. I will know what to do better next time."
by Cecil on 4/9/2014
"Final product was exactly as described. Could not have been happier! Looking forward to my next project"
by Jeff on 4/9/2014
by Ed on 4/7/2014
by Ed on 4/7/2014
by Suzanne on 4/6/2014
"I was very pleased with my plexiglass print. The colors really did pop-out and were vibrant. Plan to use Artisan again. "
by Oren on 4/5/2014
"Everything was GREAT! Just what I expected to see from my prints. They were delivered on time and very well wrapped for protection. I have used them multiple times and plan on using them more in the future!"
by Nick on 4/3/2014
by Rick on 3/26/2014
"The print quality is great, and the care taken in packaging gives me confidence in ordering more prints in the future"
by Matthew on 3/26/2014
"I am very pleased with the quality of the Gatorboard prints produced by Artisan Colour, ordering was simple and order turnaround/delivery was very quick. Based on my experience so far, I would definitely recommend Artisan Colour for your printing requirements."
by David on 3/5/2014
"I am quite pleased with the print and mounting quality!"
by Chad on 3/4/2014
"The product and presentation on all of my pieces/orders has been fantastic, and customer service has been excellent - fast to respond and very helpful. These folks are great to do business with!"
by Sam on 2/27/2014
"Cusotmer services has been great. "
by Shareen on 2/27/2014
"Quality of print enlargement was good, mounting professional, appearance of the acrylic setup shiny and beautiful !"
by Meghan on 2/27/2014
"Quality was the best. Customer service was helpful and the videos on how to hang really helped."
by Matt on 2/26/2014
"Excellent quality and customer service!"
by Laurie on 2/26/2014
"Outstanding results, delivered in about a 1.5 weeks or so. Very happy with my photo."
by Steven on 2/26/2014
"I had an issue with my PDF sizing and they were great communicating back and forth"
by Jon on 2/26/2014
"I ordered 3(40x60) metallic prints on 1/4" plexi glass and one 30x46 Dibond. The quality of color, contrast, detail, etc. is perfect. Customer service is friendly and professional. Work was completed and delivered on time. To be more than happy with all aspects of service is a special treat!"
by stefanie on 2/26/2014
"I made a mistake in the image I ordered. It was totally my fault. I called and spoke to an individual who worked with me to get a picture I was happy with and then gave me a discount. Not only was I incredibly pleased with the personal help i received, the quality of the image, packaging and mounting hardware was top notch. I will be doing business with this company again and again."
by Starla on 2/26/2014
"So pleased with my first print. Excellent quality and the service is exceptional. I'll be back."
by Laurie on 2/24/2014
"I'm very pleased with the quality of product from Artisan HD! I would highly recommend your services to fellow photographers and I look forward to continue to order many products from you guys. I have had other labs produce prints in which the colors just were not "right", but so far my prints from Artisan HD have been spot on! Great work! Keep it up!!"
by Rick on 2/20/2014
"ArtisanHD has a great product and customer service."
by stefanie on 2/11/2014
"Print quality was amazing and spot on. The acrylic really made the image pop."
by Kevin on 1/21/2014
"The print I had made on brushed aluminum really didn't come out like I hoped. It might be an interesting effect for just the right image, but for the image I used, it looks dull and has all kinds of weird color shifts with changes in viewing angle. To be fair, the file might not have been the best, but I have been getting excellent results printing on coated aluminum and luster paper. Even though the price was fair for this metal print, I would not do it again."
by Adam on 1/16/2014
"My first time printing with a plexi front and ArtisanHD. The image really pops. Very meticulous process went into the final art. Edges are sharp and no extra margin was left."
by Alex A. on 11/21/2013
"This is my first time I print my work with Artisan HD and I used Fuji Flex. The results has been outstanding and the customer service even better. Great details with this paper. The print arrived in a tube super protected. Can't wait to print and use the plexi. Thank you Stephanie for your help!"
by Javier on 11/12/2013
"The quality of my acrylic prints is amazing. I am thrilled to have found your site and will absolutely be ordering again. "
by Lisa on 10/30/2013
"Simply stunning! I'll be ordering more!"
by David on 4/16/2013
"The better service and print quality ever!!"
by Jose on 4/15/2013
"Great quality! Very happy with the product."
by Cornerstone on 1/16/2013
"I am a semi-professional photographer and Artisan HD has the best print quality that I've seen yet. On top of that, the customer service is as good as it gets. I've tried a lot of different print labs, but Artisan HD will be the only one I use from now on. I highly recommend Artisan HD. You won't be disappointed."
by Dallos on 12/23/2012
"Is is exactly what I was looking for.....the colors just pop."
by Danny on 12/8/2012
"I am very satisfied with this company. They work quickly to get me exactly what I wanted. They we very helpful with helping me decide which process would best suit my needs. Excellent customer service. I did not need to jump through any hoop when I wanted to return an item. Awesome job! Thank you so much for all your quick work."
by Nicolette on 12/5/2012
"I just received a print I ordered and I have to say it looks amazing. I cannot wait to give it to my husband as a gift. I would love to order more in the future, do you ever offer deals on items or shipping? "
by Amy on 11/25/2012
"The only place I go for Large Format Art Prints I make for clients that pay good money. I can trust them to do it right the first time! Thank you!"
by Mike on 11/14/2012
"The printing came out better than expected. Thank you"
by Reuben on 11/10/2012
"This is a beautiful piece. I couldn't ask for it to be any better. "
by Jacqueline on 9/8/2012
"The quality of work and the customer service is 110%..."
by James on 5/19/2012
"great product and fast delivery"
by Danuta on 5/14/2012
"Looks good I will be ordering in the future..."
by James on 2/21/2012
"I had Artisan make about about 20 canvas prints for me. They do a great job, and they stand by their work!"
by Jason on 11/17/2011
"Beautiful prints, timely service, packed for shipping as if they were Rembrandts going to the Louvre!"
by Beth on 9/29/2011
"Fantastic service; very fast turnaround and absolutely beautiful finishing!"
by Marianne on 8/27/2011
"Beautiful workmanship and quality. I also want to commend you on an outstanding customer service department. "
by Steve on 7/24/2011
" My direct to plexi print came today. I am pleased with the results. Color is good. care went into the product when printing it. For those who have doubt try Artisan. Their service is as good as their prints. The acrylic print gives a new perspective to photography. When looking for different way to express your art give them a try. Monte Johnson"
by Monte on 7/7/2011
"My order was shipped quickly and very well packed. The direct print on acrylic turned out amazing and was easy to install on the wall. I plan to place more orders."
by Paul on 6/13/2011
"Awesome! The quality of my print to plexi is incredible - we hung it in our front office!"
by Dan on 2/10/2011