What format do you require to upload photos online for canvas printing?

You can upload any TIF, JPEG or PNG file for photo to canvas printing as long as the file does not exceed 1 gigabyte (which is quite a lot of memory for one photo!).

Just to give you a perspective on size, one 10-megapixel JPEG image will average about 4.5 megabytes. There are 1000 megabytes in a gigabyte.

What if I don't know how to tell what size my photos files are?

You don't need to worry about not knowing the size of your photo file. We know that some folks have more technical knowledge than do others. We're here to help. Our online services include specialized software that will tell you if your photo file is too large. Chances are that it won't be.

Do you accept CD and/or DVD files?

We provide scanning services when CD's or DVD's are sent. Make sure to include what you want done and all of your contact information so that we can get in touch with you about your order and confirm all the details.

How can I tell if the resolution of the photo I want you to reproduce for canvas printing is sharp enough?

Again, our online software services will determine the resolution quality when you upload any digital photo for photo to canvas printing. Unlike the practices of some discount printing houses, if the resolution is too poor, we will contact you before we start working on your order. Some cheap canvas printing firms will complete your order without caring about the resolution of the original photo. We do care and we want you to be happy with your canvas print and with us.

Do you have on-staff artists who can "fix" a problem photograph?*

Cheap canvas printing houses who sell canvas prints at a discount do not normally employ on-staff artists for custom work. If the resolution of your photo requires some boosting, or your subject has a bad case of red eye, or the exposure and/or contrast isn't exactly right, our computer-experienced artists will work to fix any problem*. Rest assured that your photo will not be sent straight to our large format printers for production without human intervention if we feel the photo will yield a poor canvas reprint. We will always contact you if we cannot fix a problem photograph.

*Enhancing photos or photoshop work may be billed by the hour upon approval from client