What are canvas prints and what process is used to create them?

Canvas prints are photographs reprinted on a canvas surface. Artisan HD (High Definition) uses the highest quality of artist-grade canvas and inkjet printers to reproduce custom canvas prints of your photo. Using our high definition processing, we can turn your photo into a work of art.

Canvas prints are a beautiful alternative or addition to any room, big or small, in your home, or in your office. Much more durable than paper, canvas prints give depth and quality to a photograph that is incomparable.

With our large format printers, we can take your digital photograph and turn it into a gorgeous high definition art canvas, and using our giclée method, we can deliver museum quality reprints -- as big or as small as you wish to cover the wall space you want to fill.

How do I select the finish on my canvas print?

When you place your order online for personalized digital photographs for canvas photo prints reproduction, you have a choice of how the canvas will be finished.

Stretched canvas prints are stretched to fit over a 1.5" deep wood frame or "stretcher bar". If you want your prints framed afterwards, you will want to order simply the canvas print. That way you can buy a frame that you feel accentuates and enhances your digital canvas print.

However, if you want your custom canvas prints to stand alone unframed, you will want a gallery-wrapped canvas. Gallery-wrapped canvases are mounted in such a way as to give your photograph a more three-dimensional artistic quality. Some photo subjects look better gallery-wrapped than do others. Large natural landscapes or photos of a flower are good examples of when to choose gallery-wrapped canvas because the mounting process adds to the effect of a story artfully continued.

Our experienced staff will wrap the canvas around all of the edges of a wooden frame and secure the canvas in the back. When complete, the canvas has a totally finished look. No frame is needed and it's ready for hanging.

Once you see the extraordinary results Artisan HD produces, you will never look at your camera the same way. You will find yourself choosing subjects for an end result you never believed possible.

What kind of quality should I expect when I have my photo reprinted on canvas?

Artisan HD canvas reprints are skillfully reproduced. By using high quality canvas and giclée and our state-of-the-art high definition technology, you will know by your reprints that you did not send your prints to a cheap, discount printing mill. We guarantee you will be delighted with the professional quality of our work.