What are custom wall murals?

Think big! Custom wall murals are very large images applied directly to a good-sized wall or ceiling space. Given their size, they simply cannot be overlooked!

In fact, with our large format printers we can print your own personalized custom wallpaper murals and wall graphics from the digital photos you upload online.

Have a favorite photo, piece of artwork, a gorgeous landscape graphic? With our large custom wall wraps, you’ll be living or working close to your favorite people, places, or scenes.

Where can I use custom wallpaper and photo wall murals?

The high-resolution graphics of our custom wall murals gives the illusion of open space. You can use custom wallpaper or photo wall murals in any room of your house or office.

Don’t forget about closets, bathrooms, garages, and ceilings. You can even put a custom wall wrap on your car or truck to make a personal statement.

Custom wall murals make living, playing, or working in any room in your home or office a true pleasure. It’s simply a great and novel way to decorate.

Can I upload one of my digital photos online to make photo wallpaper and custom wall wraps?

You can upload any of your photos online for us to create personalized photo wallpaper, photo wall murals, or custom wall wraps or murals in a size to fit any space you have in mind.

If for any reason we find that your image is not suitable for a wallpaper mural, we will let you know right away.

What kind of materials do you use to create custom wallpaper murals?

We can print directly onto fabric (custom order), vinyl, or onto a special self-adhesive vinyl to suit the project you have in mind.

How do I clean my custom wallpaper murals?

Make sure you do not use any detergents to clean your custom wallpaper murals. The best way to clean your murals is to use a damp sponge or a damp non-abrasive cloth. Be sure to rub your mural gently. This will extend the lifetime of your wall graphics and the vividness of their color.