What Are Custom Wall Wraps?

It’s best to think of custom wall wraps as very large decals. We print custom vinyl wall wraps on premium self-adhesive vinyl.

You’ve seen commercial custom vinyl wall wraps probably more times than you think. The "decals" on race cars, buses, and trucks, for example, are some of the commercial uses of custom wall wraps. These wraps are printed in high definition using fade resistant UV Eco Solvent protected inks.

Now Artisan HD makes it possible for you to use this digital technology to create custom vinyl wall wraps and custom photo murals for personal use in your home or office.

What are some of the uses of custom wall wraps?

Customized wall wraps can be used in any room of your home or office, including the garage! You can apply vinyl wraps on walls, ceilings, and even on your personal truck, van, or automobile.

Custom wall wraps are great for kids’ bedroom ceilings. For example, you can put a night sky with stars and the moon on their ceiling. With our high definition technology, they will think they are sleeping outdoors!

We print images from your favorite photographs or from your own art portfolio that you can upload online. The result is a stunning high definition art display in beautiful, vivid colors.

How do I prepare the surface of the wall when I’m ready to apply my wall wraps?

Before you apply your wall wrap, make sure the surface you are going to use is completely clean and dry. If you plan to use a wall wrap in your garage, make sure you scrub the surface to be used really well as a lot of dirt and oily residue accumulate on garage walls.

How do I clean my custom vinyl wall wraps and my custom photo murals?

It’s very easy to clean your wallpaper wraps. Because our wraps are made from sturdy, durable vinyl affixed, you simple wash the paper with warm water (and a mild soap if needed). Do not saturate. Simply use a damp, non-abrasive cloth and gently rub the surface.

How difficult is it to remove wallpaper wraps?

It is not difficult at all to remove wallpaper wraps. Just use a putty knife, starting at one corner of the wallpaper, and carefully pull it off. That’s it!

How much experience does your print staff have? Are you a discount printing house?

We are not a discount printing firm. We have been around since 1998, working mainly with high-end commercial clients. We have been diversifying our services ever since. Starting with pre-press services, we now offer high definition printing not only to our business clients, but also to the individual consumer as well.