What is direct to board printing?

Direct to board printing is a specialized hi-tech printing process where an image is printed directly on a solid rigid medium, like wood, plastic, or metal (tin, steel, and aluminum) instead of on vinyl, photo paper, or canvas.

Direct to board prints produced by Artisan HD are made using our Océ 350 GT UV curable print process. The results are indoor and outdoor hard surface prints that are incredibly durable and boldly colorful. These wood, metal, and plastic display graphics do not even require any lamination or extra finish.

In addition, the process is environmentally friendly. There are no VOCs polluting the air. This process not only results in superior display graphics, but it takes care of our workers and our environment.

Why can direct to board prints be used in both indoor and outdoor environments?

Direct to board prints, also known as hard surface prints, are suitable in both indoor and outdoor environments because of the process used to create them. The key is the UV curing ink applied to the rigid surface using our high definition large format inkjet printer. Using powerful UV light, the printer then cures the ink.

This curing process offers incredible durability, which is why hard surface prints are suitable for outdoor display without any protective coating.

Do direct to board prints require mounting?

Direct to board printing eliminates the need for mounting because this process creates excellent borderless results.

What are some uses of direct to board prints?

Direct to board prints can be used in a variety of creative ways. You can print your favorite photos, artwork, or design using this method, and hand them in your home or office. It's a wonderfully unconventional way to display graphics. A few ideas for application and uses are:

  • Doors (making them incredibly interesting)
  • Conference room tabletops and other types of tabletops
  • Signs
  • Floor tiles
  • Room dividers
  • Chair seats
  • Posters

Benefits: Direct to board printing is becoming more and more popular because of its significant benefits and fabulous look.

  • Our large format printer allows for printing of almost any size - from small to gigantic.
  • It does not require a time consuming mounting process.
  • The process does not require harsh solvents. Instead, the inks used are totally eco-friendly.
  • Printing is easy, reliable, and fast.
  • Hard surface prints are durable and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Direct to board prints do not require any special protective laminates.