What is giclée?

Giclée, from the French meaning to squirt or spray and pronounced "gee-clay," is a printing process from which digital prints are reproduced using ink-jet printing. Artisan HD specializes in the giclée on canvas method. With its large format inkjet printers, we can transfer your artwork and photography projects into works of fine art.

Our giclée printing services are always in high demand because of their indisputable beauty. One of the reasons for this demand is that giclée canvas printing requires special light-fast inks. We use only the best quality inks, inks that highlight all of the shades, nuances, and hues of the color of the original digital photograph or painting.

When you order custom giclée prints online we expect you will be so pleased with your fine art reprint that our customer services department will refund your money if you are not 100% satisfied.

What are some other reasons giclée canvas printing is such a good idea?

  • Giclée on canvas is great for both amateur and professional photographers and artists who want to retain their original and have multiple copies made for themselves or for other people. In the case of professionals, the original work can be multiplied in a limited run for sale purposes. This is very cost-effective for artists with limited budgets.
  • Giclée canvas printing allows photographers to reproduce their photographs onto a completely new medium, other than traditional photo paper. The results are astounding.
  • With giclée reprints, we can reproduce digital images to just about any size you want.
  • Giclée printing is a very affordable way to turn your work of art into a museum-like work.
  • Giclée works on canvas are very durable and under the right conditions last a long time.
  • The large format printers used to produce giclée prints work extremely fast and are capable of replicating thousands of prints in a short period of time.

"Buyer Beware" of Cheap Giclée Impersonators

Be careful from whom you order your giclée on canvas reprints as there are some very unscrupulous businesses online. They promise you a cheap giclée print and then mail you a print made on canvas paper. Canvas paper is made to replicate a canvas look but it is not made from the high quality poly-cotton canvas we use. Canvas paper is a linen derivative with an embossed finish.

When you place an online order, make sure that the company from whom you are ordering has large format inkjet printers, and not copy machines.