Can you create digital prints on acrylic?

Artisan HD can take your photos and create digital prints on acrylic that will astound you. When we print to acrylic, your photos, or artwork become vivid, striking fine art pieces that you can hang in your home or office.

We offer two types of acrylic finishes; printing directly on a ¼" acrylic offered with 1" stainless steel stand offs, and photo paper mounted to 1/8" acrylic finished with a museum back.

What is the aesthetic look of acrylic mounted photos?

Professional acrylic printing lends a very contemporary look to the final product. It brings the fine art of photography to a whole new level of modern art. We frequently recommend acrylic mounted photos for displaying modern works of fine art and photography.

What are some other reasons to custom print to acrylic?

There are several reasons why digital prints on acrylic are a wonderful alternative to printing on regular photographic paper or other mediums.

  • Not only are custom acrylic prints great for hanging in your home or office but they make spectacular personal gifts.
  • Acrylic printing has a lustrous glossy finish, which not only adds to the contemporary look, but also brings out a depth and clarity to your photos that are incomparable.
  • Specially treated, this professional process ensures that your photos will last a lifetime.
  • The mounting process we use also protects your photos from humidity and sunlight, (although you should be careful not to expose them to direct sunlight or high humid conditions).

Do you use face mounting to mount your acrylics?

We use face mounting, also called second surface mounting, instead of other mounting processes, as this method is superior for ensuring longevity and for giving a professional finished look to acrylic prints. Although it is a delicate process and requires time and a great deal of professional experience, we feel it gives the final product an almost three-dimensional museum-quality result that is difficult to surpass. The glass also protects the photo from fading, dust, and scratches.

With face mounting, we apply a special silicone glue archival crystal clear film adhesive to the print and then mount the front of the acrylic photo to it. The bond between the UV-resistant glass and the photo is airtight. Because of the airtight bond, there is no light reflection between the glass and the photo. It adds depth and makes the photo look like it is part of the acrylic. When paired with our Metallic or FujiFlex photo paper it creates a look that has to been seen to be believed. This ensures that vivid colors achieved by the acrylic printing process are not compromised.

We then attach the wooden museum backing to the print. The backing creates a 1" space between picture and wall, which makes it appear as if it is floating away from the wall and gives additional dimension to the photo.

Is special hardware required to hang my acrylic print?

Even those out there who are all thumbs can hang our acrylic prints. All you need is a hammer and nail. Just watch out for that thumb(s).